‘Survivor’: All-Stars???

Last night’s Survivor felt more like a blooper reel clip show that should air as filler before the final episode, because it was teeming with just sloppy, weak, almost buffoonish play, both physically and strategically.  Don’t have much time today, so we’re going to make our thoughts quick.

If the high school where Coach heads up the girls soccer team ever needs someone to helm the basketball squad, they would probably be better off looking in another direction.

Colby, stirred on by James’ “Superman in a girdle” comment last week, really turned it on.  And wouldn’t let anything (or any middle aged woman) get in his way.

So how to sum up the week?

Well, a strong, strong contender was “Always Be Copping a feel” (Colby, looking in your direction).

Or it could be “Always Be Calling out,” for the awesome way Russell recommended to Rob that they vote out Sandra or Courtney (pointing to the two of them, no more than 3 feet away, and stating “one of these.”  Brilliant.)

But no, our A-B-C phrase of the week is brought to us by Coach, who was torn between his mancrush Rob and his commitment to Russell and in the end didn’t choose either side.  That’s not being loyal or honorable, not in this game.  It’s being meek and afraid.  So, for this week, it’s:

Always Be Cowardly

Thanks, Coach!

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