Muppet Thursday: Surprisingly Not a Muppet April Fools’

Muppet Studios uploaded another one of their delightful videos today, although it curiously doesn’t appear to tie into April Fools’ Day.  One would think that if they were going to debut a video on April 1st it would be some sort of Muppet prank.  But then again, maybe by not delivering an April Fools’ joke they’ve executed a reverse prank.  Maybe the absence of the prank is the prank.  Outsmarted us again, Muppets!

ANYWAY, this new video finds a furry, faux-bunny ear’d Muppet Monster hunting wabbit while crooning (murdering) the Ben E. King classic “Stand by Me.”

Not my favorite of the Muppet viral video series but damn do these uploads look good.  It’s like the monster is stalking his prey right inside this coffee shop.  AH!  Stay away from my jasmine green tea!

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