Happy Valentine’s Day, Babies

This past Wednesday we had the distinct pleasure to attend the Valentine’s Day-themed edition of The Muppet Vault series at Brooklyn’s Union Hall. The evening consisted of a series of Muppet rarities related to the theme of love (some more than others), including clips from The Muppet Show, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Sesame Street, and the 1974-special The Muppet Valentine Show, one of two Muppet pilots produced in the years leading up to the The Muppet Show. However, we were disappointed (but only very, very mildly) that the evening’s program did  include something from the Muppet-title that we perhaps hold most near and dear, certainly the one we spent the most time with as a child. That being, of course, Muppet Babies. 

And who better to exemplify the ideals of love in its purist form than those who are most innocent, who are yet to be tainted with cynicism, jaded by age and bitter from heartbreak. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, and as a bit of a coda to that Muppet Vault presentation, here’s “My Muppet Valentine,” which demonstrates that even toddler frogs and pigs and bears and whatevers can truly understand compassion, caring and forgiveness, and shows to what ends we will go for the ones that we love, even a three-year-old canine with an uncanny aptitude for the piano.

Also, pretty sure this was the only cartoon in 1987 to reference Max Headroom.

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