The Intersection of the Venn Diagram of Things That We Love and Our Dad Loves

Well, now Jimmy Fallon has done it all.  His greatest feat was not a dead-on parody of the Real Housewives, or Late Night‘s own version of Rockapella, or even his engineering of the California Dreams reunion.  Nope.  Fallon’s biggest coup to date is presenting a musical performance that would fascinate both us and our dad.  And with this performance of “Party in the USA,” with Fallon in the guise of Neil Young and joined by Young’s sometimes bandmates David Crosby and Graham Nash, Jimmy accomplishes just that.  Crobsy, (Stills,) Nash, & Young is perhaps our dad’s favorite musical group of all time; certainly Crosby is the singer whose mustache our father would most try to emulate if he were a folk rock luminary.  And, as for us, we never tire of Fallon’s remarkable, often stunning, impressions.  Not when he was on SNL, and not now.  At this point Jimmy probably sounds more like Neil Young than Neil Young does.  So, Late Night, thank you for brining a father and son together (in front of a computer screen, not saying a word to one another).

Vodpod videos no longer available.


And, in case you were curious, here’s an abridged version of said venn diagram.

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One response to “The Intersection of the Venn Diagram of Things That We Love and Our Dad Loves

  1. Geoffrey

    More Venn diagrams!

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