Muppet Monday Tuesday: Beaker Epic Fail, Muppet Viral Victory

The Muppets are proving themselves to be the Leonardo da Vinci of modern media, moving effortlessly between movies, TV, community service, comics and cultural relativism*.  Dudes are just hitting it from all angles right now.  They’re like Miley Cyrus times four, with actual talent and vast more human emotion and independent thought.

Sure, they’ve always pounded the pavement when it comes to the traditional media, boasting a vault full of films and TV specials and music albums.  But lately they’ve shown to be experts at exploiting popular YouTube videos to create their own.  Right now the Muppets at the forefront of what I like to call viral video deconstructionism.  Starting with their attempts to usurp the iconic skateboarding dog, and most notably in their “Bohemian Rhapsody” music video, they’ve deftly played with what we’ve come to call internet memes (at least I think that’s right.  Still not quite sure what a meme is.  Ask Urlesque).  And they continue this trend now with what might be the most subversive video yet: Beaker (who has sort of become the go-to Muppet for these videos) performing a meepfelt version of “Dust in the Wind,” only to be crowded out and ultimately sabotaged by those YouTube pop-up comment boxes.  Beaker, shine a light and we shall follow.

Expecting Pepe After Dentist anytime now.

*Not really.

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